Sunday, January 19, 2014

we are family.....

{Salvage Sister Heather}
 We had an INCREDIBLE first weekend at Salvage Sisters.  A BIG thank you to our awesome customers who seemingly will follow us anywhere, park and walk a mile to get to us and no matter how many times we move, will show up on our first day with a smile. IT AMAZES AND HUMBLES US!
{Salvage Sister's Mama}
 Part of the mission of Salvage Sisters was to be able to have more family time.  I have so enjoyed the many hours spent working with my mom and Hannah preparing for our first show....laughing A LOT, fighting, arguing, all the wonderful things that families do!  One of my brothers and  my brother-in-law, his brother and my husband worked for free, loading and carrying furniture. My sister-in-law, Amy worked SOOO hard for two days straight while my youngest brother kept the kids.  I love being surrounded by my nieces and gives me so much joy to hear them running around the shop together.
{Salvage Sister Heather}
 Hannah, the younger and much more organized Salvage Sister, kept things running in an orderly fashion while my scattered brain tried to remember how to use the cash register and what time we opened.
{Salvage Sister Hannah}
 We knew that we needed to make the equivalent of a month's income in two short days, and we met and exceeded it!


{two of our three brothers~Heather holding Hannah...
proof that we were skinny once ;}

{favorite picture of my sweet Grandma who passed away when I was a teenager.
She would have been proud of us. She was the original SS...couldn't pass up
good junk for anything!}
 Thank you all, customers, family and friends who have supported us from day one...we love you!
A big thank you to our dear friends, Jennifer and her son Nathaneal who worked so hard all weekend and to Candace and Bill who came and sold their awesome Junkie Paint which was a BIG hit and will be available at our next show FOR SURE!
See you in February!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Salvage Sisters Grand Opening Friday and Saturday!! {Jan.17 &18}

Hello everyone! Well, after many many hours of hard work we are finally ready to open our new studio for our first vintage show!  We have been adding pictures on our FACEBOOK PAGE frequently and will post some more tomorrow if you want a sneak peek at some of our new merchandise!

Details:  Location: 1236 S. Church St. in Burlington.
                           {close to Williams High, Rich & Thompson
                            Funeral home, Pano's Cafe...}

             Date: January 17'th and 18'th

            Time: 9:00-5:00 both Friday and Saturday
            Payment: Cash or Check ONLY!

            Parking:   street parking, loading zone to pick up furniture
                           will be available. We will also be available
                           Sunday afternoon for furniture pickup.

            Entrance: front door closest to Church St.

We can't wait to show you our awesome new space!  Hope to see you there...

                                                              xoxo Hannah and Heather