Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a new beginning...

the girls of "Nest" {Heather and Hannah}are starting a whole new chapter after 6+ years of keeping shop!  At the end of this year, we will be closing our sweet Mebane, NC shop and moving on...
This was a very difficult decision, as you can imagine, but we are ECSTATIC about the future!

As most of you know, Hannah and I are sisters...we love all the same things, chippy paint, rust, all things VINTAGE....!  Together we are starting a brand new business aptly named "Salvage Sisters".  I know, AWESOME name!

The CONCEPT:  "Salvage Sisters" will be housed in a large studio where we will have a monthly show every third Friday and Saturday. Our show will consist of the very same thing we've been doing at Nest all these years: selling incredible and fun vintage furniture, antiques and chic "junk"!  Each show will be filled with fresh merchandise at great prices and of course, displayed beautifully.  You have been asking us for years to paint your furniture...yep, custom painted furniture will be available starting in February! We will also be expanding our very popular line of vintage rentals. In addition, we are setting up a "shop" at THE BEST antique mall down south, The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC where you can shop our goods 7 days a week.

The WHY:  Running a shop is an extremely time-consuming job. We have loved every minute at Nest, but we are ready for some new adventures and challenges.  Having a monthly sale as opposed to running a shop will free up time for important things like: hunting for treasures, fixin' up junk, painting, floofing, more family time, free weekends, ect. ect.!  We will be able to bring you more great vintage finds at even better prices.

The WHERE:  Our new studio is located at 1236 S. Church St. in Burlington, NC.  For you locals we are very close to Williams High School on the opposite side of the street. Watch for signs and lots of activity in the next few months as we get the building ready...we have a LOT more space!  Why not stay in Mebane?  First our current building is just too small and the idea of a monthly sale does not embrace the purpose or enhance the social aspect of a downtown community. We found a building less than five minutes away from my {Heather's} home which will be an added bonus while raising a special-needs child.

The WHEN:  We will continue business as usual at our current Mebane location until the end of the year. We are so excited about this holiday season and celebrating our last Christmas as "Nest".  New merchandise will be arriving weekly as always. Our first Salvage Sisters show will be January 17'th and 18'th. Watch this blog and our FACEBOOK page for upcoming events and news!

THOUGHTS...you, our faithful customers and friends, have followed us since our very humble beginning and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.  Hannah and I are just two raised-in-the-country-in-the-middle-of-a-cornfield-midwestern girls who discovered that our hearts belong in the south and happen to love old stuff and that love has taken us to this crazy place where we can follow our passion and do what we LOVE every day. Yes, we are blessed.

Mebane, our first {and last} year in this charming downtown has been incredible in every way. We were greeted and welcomed so warmly and have made lifetime friends. You will see us shopping and dining here very often, I can promise!